Polaris PCX 864

Enhanced coverage for a deeper clean with more thorough cleaning with superior maneuverability and front and rear double helix brushes for debris collection with vigorous scrubbing of your pool floor, walls and waterline. The PCX 864 comes with a 60′ cable with tangle-reducing swivel the helps prevent tangling during operation.

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The Polaris PCX 864 delivers enhanced maneuverability with a tighter turn radius to better traverse your pool floors along with powerful propulsion for more nimble navigation up walls and over obstacles. Engineered for superior debris collection, innovative Double Helix brushes at the front and rear of the cleaner help channel dirt towards the inlet as it vigorously scrubs your pool floor, walls and waterline. Cyclonic vacuum technology enables the PCX 864 to maintain strong suction throughout cleaning while convenient features like a large debris canister, our proprietary Easy Lift Removal System and a Tangle-Reducing Swivel make cleaning your pool pretty much effortless.

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