Titan Ti 1 Heat Pump

Oversized air heat collectors matched with industry leading designed water heat exchangers are utilized to transfer free heat, present in outdoor air, to warm your pool water.

The high efficiency compressor and fan motor require only a fraction of electricity to operate, compared to the heat energy that is transferred from the air to the water.


  • High efficiency performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Set and forget digital controls!
  • Low water flow safety cut-off switch
  • Pollution-free operation
  • Simple installation
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Our pool heaters were designed to perform two (2) heat exchanges to continuously keep you pool / spa at the desired temperature while saving you money!

  1. Heat in the air to refrigerant
  2. Refrigerant heat to pool water

Just as an air conditioner collects heat from the interior of the home and rejects that heat to the outside, our system collects heat from the outside air and rejects it into the pool.