Polaris MAXX

The Polaris MAXX has unprecedented debris handling with HALO technology that provides advantage debris removal for fine and larger debris with unobstructed performance to deliver a comprehensive clean from floor to waterline.  Spinning brushes agitate and remove fine, stuck-on debris resulting in a spotless, floor-to-wall clean. Durable tri-point tracks with robust tread design traverses any pool surface and helps extend track life.

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The Polaris MAXX suction-side cleaner collects fine silt and long, larger debris with unobstructed performance. Engineered with HALO™ technology for advanced debris removal, the MAXX cleaner was designed to provide clearance for larger leaves that get drawn directly into the filtration system while preventing impediments to allow for continuous, uninterrupted cleaning. The MAXX cleaner also attacks stubborn, stuck-on debris with concentrated scrubbing action to leave your pool impeccably clean. Combined with multi-directional navigation for enhanced movement patterns and powerful turbines that generate unsurpassed climbing ability, the MAXX cleaner covers your entire pool — regardless of the pool’s surface — from floor to waterline.

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